The 8th UK Regional Critics' Film Awards Announcement, hosted by Miquita Oliver, 28 January 2014.

Guillaume Voghel, World Team Producer of Warner Bros. Games Montreal talks about taking Batman back to his roots, while making Gotham even bigger and introducing his toughest challenge yet.

Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel discusses the DC Multiverse, power selection, the benefits of MOBAs and devastating Catastrophic Events.

We interrogate Alyssa Finley of 2K Marin about the beautifully crafted third-person shooter: The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

We speak to the presenter and comedian of the moment - Mr. Russell Howard - ahead of his new world stand-up comedy tour 'Wonderbox'.

We attend a special one-off London demo of the new 'Star Trek: The Videogame', as well find out what the legions of Trekkies can expect from this new game.

We give you the latest and greatest coverage from this year's BAFTA Games Awards 2013, including interviews with Ian Livingstone and the creators behind the multiple-award winning 'Journey'.

We sit down to talk with the series' godfather to talk about the latest installment of the Metal Gear franchise.

Watch our interview with Simon Brodkin's comedy character, Lee Nelson about his new live DVD.

We talk to wrestling legend Mark Henry and creative director Cory Ledesma about what to expect from THQ's upcoming 'WWE 13'

We headed to Dublin to talk to the creators of Darksiders 2

Film fan Alex Zane takes a look ahead to over 35 of the best films coming to a cinema near you this summer